Marketing and modern technology

Dear Customers,

We have been at your service for 15 years supporting your companies’ activities.

Our ICT service provider company was launched in 2000, and up to this day ICT has been the major profile of our business. In 2009 we incorporated promotional and marketing assistance into the scope of our service, thus enabling you to fully grasp the benefits of our offer. Since we attach paramount importance to your satisfaction, we have tirelessly striven to meet the very highest standards of service by providing you with top quality product in a professional, reliable and timely manner. We hope that our team’s performance has won your appreciation and you will decide to stay with us for much longer.

podpis Bartosz Obermüller

In cooperation with Municipal cleaning company of City Toruń (MPO Toruń)
we organised opening ceremony of their Centre of Ecological Education
EcoKid. Our tasks were: performing competition to design EcoKid logo,
producing advertisement materials, designing and programing
two mobile games and handling the EcoKid opening ceremony.
LEA - our latest system with a project management module
constituting one of its crucial elements,
was presented at construction fair BUDMA 2015
in Poznañ. An eclectic mixture of interactive playground and
computer aided tour of the future, our stand won recognition from
the visitors.
For our client, with whom we have cooperated for a
number of years, we implemented the latest version of
our class ERP enterprise management software. The system
is an advanced state of the art solution, which enables the user
to manage the company from a desktop computer or any mobile device,
for example while travelling.
By request of Voivodeship Marshal Office in Toruñ,
we launched promotional campaign of Kuyavian- Pomeranian
Voivodeship in China and in 4 European states (Italy,
(Bulgaria, Croatia, France) as well as in Georgia. Our promotional
endeavours yielded the right granted to the city of Toruñ
to organize European Fencing Championship in 2016, which we strived
to accomplish within our contract with the Office.
We implemented educational platform ispu.pl together
with Internet gaming application. The platform is an
Internet-based system for students’ projects management –
a comprehensive and state-of-the-art application based on
regulations concerning project based teaching methodology. In the
initial stage the platform was used as background for a project named
Internetowa Encyklopedia Wielkopolski.
Together with Faculty of Earth Sciences in The Nicolaus,
Copernicus University in Toruñ, we implemented a project called
Internet Atlas of Kuyavian- Pomeranian Voivodeship.
The application is a set a few hundreds of interactive maps
presenting the voivodeship from various angles, generally
geographical, geological, faunal and floral, as well as intricate
social and economic aspects.
We also participated in the new road bridge opening
event in Toruñ with part of our marking equipment. We
took pictures of those who wanted to receive promotional
merchandise, e. g. some citizens wanted to have the image of the
newly constructed bridge back dropping their own photo thermally
transferred onto a ceramic mug.
We created the third version of webFirma system, which
was implemented in a few companies and has been effectively used
up till now to strictly monitor their business processes.
In order to address the needs of the promotional campaign of
Plus GSM, a phone service provider, we designed a Flash technology
based Internet gaming application.
We created an educational platform for Kolegium Śniadeckich
facilitating the learning process by means of a modern in advance
project based method. The platform is equipped with predefined
learning subjects and learning content to do with them.
We started cooperation with Motocom company and designed
an online shopping platform sklepmotoryzacyjny.pl with a good
selection of spare parts. The platform’s engine supported TecDoc database.
We started cooperation with Swiss wrist watch manufacturer,
Certina. The cooperation yielded a few applications for
kmobile devices with Android and iOS systems, whilst the first
application also had a Nokia smartphone version. All these
applications served as Certina wrist watch promotional aids.
By our long term partner, Miejski Zarząd Dróg in Grudziądz,
we were commissioned to provide a comprehensive service
during 18th Urban Street Builders Conference in Grudziądz, Poland.
To sum up the conference, we created and designed a booklet
containing conference lecture content, photos and comments.
Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej in Toruń, Poland commissioned
to have a multimedia presentation on a CD prepared. Lavishly
illustrated, the promotional CD was given the title: „Nowoczesność
kolekcji, NO FUTURE” and appended with comments in two languages.
Miejski Zarząd Dróg w Grudziądzu delegated to our
team comprehensive organization of 1st Conference
“Problems in Paid Parking Zones”, which turned out to be
a huge success and our team were asked to organize the 2nd
Conference two years later. Both conferences were then
summed up in the form of a booklet, which contained conference
lecture content, a number of photos, graphics and attachments,
all on several dozen pages.
We participated in designing MAPPTIPE project, which is an
interactive tool for creating educational multimedia presentations
and which constitutes an integral part of edukator.pl portal.
We started long term cooperation with a network of shopping
malls, Fashionhouse. Since that day we have been servicing websites
of three Polish centres by updating and modifying their content
according to changing expectations.
Our application facilitating the dispatch of AVON packages was implemented
in another company – since that moment our application has been
supporting cosmetics packages dispatch over half Poland’s territory.
We built an Internet portal named monitoring-ruchu.pl – an
application designed to monitor via GPS the location of
objects equipped with a proper transponder. With a number
of functionalities for monitoring position of objects on Polish lakes,
the application was earmarked for following yachts.
We were also involved in promotional campaign of Polmos
Toruń company and their products (PalyCot vodka among others).
The service included preparation and hosting a press conference,
creating the website and multimedia presentation and
other promotional merchandise.
To order from Arla Foods company, we designed Internet portal
promoting Lurpak brand.
We have been cooperating with Tumult Foundation to design
Camerimage Festival management system. Up until now, the application
has been assisting the foundation personnel in preparing the festival.
Polimer Sp. z o.o. company ordered dedicated ERP class
software to facilitate the management of production processes,
stock, logistics as well as administrative procedures
in the company.
In a number of companies we implemented webFirma, an integrated
system of enterprise management, which has been the foundation of
operations for majority of them until today.
That was when first members of the marketing team
appeared, and they are still on-board, ready to offer
their support in your search for a marketing strategy for your
companies. We have been developing the team ever since,
investing in machines and staff, who are now capable of
professional assistance for individuals, companies and organizations,
institutions and offices, and even advertising agencies from all over Poland.
Ordered by Fundacja Młodzieżowej Przedsiębiorczości,
a new computer game was created as a simulator of stock
exchange designed for students, who would hone their skills and
knowledge of stock exchange mechanisms.
Rzeczpospolita daily issued a periodical „Rzeczpospolita
Maturalna”, a number of CD inserts with multimedia
presentations, which were created by our team.
We built a portal for wood processing industry drewno.net. It was a
sophisticated application, whose functionalities enabled the administrator
to manage the portal content and users’ accounts.
We started cooperation with Polski Związek Motorowodny
i Narciarstwa Wodnego. The association commissioned an
integrated system, which up till now has been facilitating
the process of issuing legal permits and licences for water
sports enthusiasts, managing the whole organization
and its correspondence.
We created an Internet based class register, which was one
of the earliest applications of this sort, made to order
from 40th State Secondary and High School in Warsaw.
We started cooperation with Polish Sailing Association,
which ordered a computer system used until today for issuing
and administering sailing licences.
We started a few years’ cooperation with German company Pflanzen
Janssen GmbH, for whom we created and provided updating services
for Internet portals platnfix.de, rasenprofi.de together with integrated
management system RAVS.
Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości ordered
two multimedia presentations published on a portal devoted
to innovations. These were entitled “Innovations and technology
transfer. Terminology” and “Lexicon of industrial
and intellectual property”.
NBPortal.pl – for the Polish central bank portal we designed six
internet games, some of which are still available on NBP portal.
na-mazurach.pl – we developed an Internet portal, initially
a database of information about Mazury region, yachts and sailing.
A few years later, the portal was extended with additional mechanisms
enabling the user to reserve a yacht via the Internet.
We started cooperation with Pomeranian Foundation For Culture
And Arts Development. Until today, the cooperation has yielded
tens of promotional campaigns and events, and naturally
Oznaczenie-CE.pl – we created an Internet portal devoted to the
issue of introducing products into European Union market. We
developed a number of mechanisms for managing the content of the portal.
Edukator.pl – we created an Internet portal for Science and Knowledge
Foundation. Edukator has been active for a number of years and we
made our contribution to each of its five versions.
We started cooperation with ABC XXI Foundation;
on a daily basis we updated the information on the
website dedicated to the Internet campaign “Whole
Poland Reads To Children”. The campaign lasted a few years.
We were commissioned to provide European Integration Committee
Office with multimedia publication on CD; a few years later the Office
ordered a computer game entitled Euro-Sprint devoted to European Union.
For Panasonic Polska we created skills and competences
test application for the company’s employees. The application
was based on Flash technology according to SCORM standard.
We started cooperation with Bischofstal company, for whom
we created the website and marketing printouts. Later on we
offered Bischofstal additional service of implementing the
integrated company management system webFirma.
For BREAK company, a local distributor of AVON cosmetics,
we designed and implemented a dispatch management
system. The application has supported the company’s operations
for 10 years in Poland’s north-western districts of
Kuyavian-Pomeranian, Pomeranian, West Pomeranian,
Lubusz and Greater Poland Voivodeships.
Our everyday operations revolved around computer graphics,
and programming. Our customers who wished to have their own
websites, usually went on to order logos, business cards and leaflets.
That was the case with companies like Hurtownia JETA, Eurofinanse, Chemag,
JOTEM, Zespół Szkół Elektrycznych in Toruń to name but a few.
By HST Hurtostal Sp. z o.o. we were commisioned to design
and implement a company management system. That is how
the world saw webFirma, an integrated system monitoring
documentation flow within the company, customer relations, as
well as presale and postsale customer service.
WebArte GmbH – we started cooperation with a Germany based
service provider. That fruitful 12 year long cooperation yielded several
dozen Internet portals and management systems.
We started cooperation with with HST Hurtostal Sp. z o.o.
During 5 years of mutual experience we designed Internet
and Intranet sites and updated or changed
them on a daily basis.
Precisely on October 20th the name 3w design team was registered
in Companies Registration Office in Municipal Office for the City
of Toruń. That was the beginning of our history. Please take a trip in
time – I will show you round the last 15 years.


3w design team was set in motion in 2000. In the beginning, our projects revolved around creating websites, initially simple ones, and with time more and more complex. Thanks to such projects we have managed to win your trust and acquire lots of valuable experience. Over the course of time, we were given complex assignments of building more advanced computer applications – mainly software used to facilitate daily routine and to optimize processes within companies.

In the beginning there was IT

Since the very beginning, a large proportion of our projects have dealt with dedicated computer applications based on Internet technology (search engine). Beside simple websites, whom we have created over 400 so far, our portfolio contains Internet shops, portals and games, mobile applications and CRM/ERP software to monitor documentation flow and manage companies.

Our team consists of qualified programmers with remarkable experience in web technology, client server administrators and computer graphics designers.

3w design team offers one-time-only services, but we are also involved in long-term business relations - some of the oldest contracts still yielding results were kindled as early as 2001. Our customers are both small companies as well as large corporations and organizations widely recognized in market. We have had a long-standing tradition of partnership with Polish companies and enterprises from abroad (for example Germany, Spain and Holland).

Our main field of interest is fulfillment of our clients’ individual needs by creating specific solutions based on experience in designing and implementing integrated management applications, CRM and ERP systems, e-learning dedicated solutions (LMS) and corporate portals, customized CMS systems supporting non-standard e-commerce operations.

When building dedicated solutions for our clients, we created a state-of-the-art system enabling users to manage their enterprise – LEA. For easier access to the information about the system we built a website – please feel invited to lea24.pl

We know marketing better than anybody else

Following our customers’ needs, since the very beginning we have also assisted them in marketing. We have designed leaflets, business cards, folders and other marketing materials consistent with the customer’s website and graphic concept. Finally, in 2008, we decided to launch an additional marketing department, which has been offering our customers promotional and marketing merchandise. With modern technology marking and printing equipment, we offer a large selection of visual identification products of high quality at competitive price and on terms we can freely modify depending on the customers’ expectations.

Marketing department has been offering a wide spectrum of brand promotion services, namely visual identification design (logo, brand book), promotional merchandise, media channels promotion (Internet: search engine optimization, ad-words and traditional media: radio, press), and campaign event organization.

Our marketing department team have honed their skills during the promotional campaign of Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship at education fair in China, international sports events in Croatia, France, Bulgaria Italy and Georgia, 18th Urban Street Builders Conference in Grudziądz, Poland, 1st and 2nd Paid Parking Zone Conference in Grudziądz, Poland, Euro 2012 Fan Zone and new bridge opening campaign in Toruń, Poland.

You can find out more about our marketing offer www.upominki-reklama.pl.

We have also prepared a website for those interested in T-shirts with high-quality personalized prints – visit: 3koszulki.pl .


Today 3w design team is a successful team of professionals divided into line-ups, which, just like in any healthy organism, cooperate and at the same time tackle their autonomous tasks.

Marketing department provides customers with brand promotion and graphic design (including brand book for logo or product), promotional merchandise delivery (gadgets, printouts, T-shirts or brandwear), campaign or promotional events and brand promotion strategy. With modern equipment at their disposal, our marketing team are wholly self-sufficient. They also offer a comprehensive service of media promotional campaigns – both in traditional media (press, radio) and the Internet (SEO, ad-words).

Programming team deal with designing websites, dedicated systems and advanced solutions, as well as mobile applications tailored to customer’s demands.

They constantly support our customers in terms of updating and monitoring their websites, databases or applications and solutions.

Creative department is a team of experienced graphic designers with profound insight into each customer’s demands and visionary strategies of brand promotional campaigns. Equipped with comprehensive inventory of creative tools, they constitute a crucial link between marketing and programming teams.

Our administration staff offer unswerving support for the other departments in efficiently following the routine of day-to-day activities.

The results of combined activities of all teams make it possible for 3w design team to take up even the most ambitious projects, i.e. creating customer’s brand within market space, rebranding product or creating a comprehensive concept of a company’s image on a one-time-only or long-term partnership basis.

3w design team

  • ul. Wrzosowa 2, 87-100 Toruń Poland
  • tel. (56) 690 4 960
  • fax (56) 690 4 965
  • tel. (56) 66 101 99
  • e-mail: biuro@3wdt.pl
  • NIP: 8791312383
  • REGON: 871523433
  • Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.
  • PLN 37 1750 0012 0000 0000 1041 0835
  • EUR 37 1750 0012 0000 0000 1041 0867
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Zapytanie ofertowe - dotacja 5.5

Zapytanie ofertowe - dotacja 8.2

3w design team also carried out a project

subsidised by the European Union


Operational Programme - Innovative Economy for years 2007-2013
Priority 8 Information society – increase of innovativeness of economy
Activity 8.2 Support for implementation of electronic B2B business

The project was entitled:

Creation and implementation of innovative B2B system based on exchange of information to support business processes between 3W Design Team company and its partners.

Programme lifespan: between 12.06.2013 and 31.03.2015